Why use a house sitter

When you go away on vacation or a business trip, do you worry about your pets being looked after properly, or the effects they may suffer from being taken out of their familiar environment? Maybe you worry about your home being empty and at risk of a break-in?

By joining Worldwide Housesitters, you can create a Home Owner Profile to advertise your need for a House Sitter, what responsibilities you want your Sitter to have and when you require them to Sit for you.

On your profile, the more photos and information you provide, the more successful you are likely to be in finding a House Sitter quickly. Maybe even add a video of your pets to show who the sitter will be looking after and introduce yourself and them in more detail.

House Sitters who are looking to visit your location, at the time you require someone, will be searching on the Website for suitable House Sits. Should yours match their plans, they will make contact with you through the website messaging system and you can then discuss further your needs and agree the terms of the House Sit and then go away relaxed that your Pet(s) and Home are being looked after for you.

You will also be able to search the website for House Sitters that have indicated that they are interested in visiting your location at the time you need someone. They may have indicated that they are specifically looking to care for animals that match your needs. If when you look through the results of your search, you see a House Sitter profile that you like the look of, you will be able to message them to ask if they would be interested in sitting for you. Again you can discuss your needs further and agree the terms of the sit.

We would suggest that you look at our Suggested Documents section via the link at the bottom of the website page to help you with some of the formalities of using a House Sitter, should you wish to use them.

  • Save costs on Kennel or Cattery Fees
  • Reduce the effects on your pets in being taken away from their home environment.
  • Have your home looked after and pets cared for.
  • Be able to relax whilst away instead of constantly worrying about your home and Pets.