Why House Sit

Become a House Sitter and create the opportunity to visit places you have always dreamed of, whilst also looking after beautiful animals like me, Cookie.

We animals fully understand our owners have to have vacation time or go away with work. It just means so much to us, to be able to stay in our familiar homes and be cared for there.

All you have to do, is join Worldwide Housesitters and create an eye-catching profile of yourself. Explain why you like to House Sit, upload some photos and even a video, ideally have a local police record or Criminal record check which helps. Finally, list the locations you would like to visit and the dates of your availability, if you want to.

Then search the, Find a House Sit adverts, either directly on the website, or subscribe to the daily alerts for new listings. See what the Home Owners are looking for from a Sitter.

When a House Sit comes up that you like, use the messaging system on the website to make contact with the owner and request further details of the house sit and to be considered as a suitable sitter.

You will also find that Home Owners may also message you to request that you Sit for them, having searched the website for House Sitters and spotted your profile, should the location and dates you have listed match their needs. The more positive references that you have on your profile and the more eye catching it is, the more requests you are likely to receive.

All you need to take care of is your own travel costs and supply your own food, as the accommodation is usually free. Just imagine how much you can save on hotel costs during your travels.

House Sits can be in either your own or other countries around the world and the length of the House Sit can vary from a few days, weekends, weeks or even months. There are even some House Sits that have no pets or animals to look after. The Home Owner just wants their home looked after and secure whilst they are away.

You can use Worldwide Housesitters to arrange free accommodation when you have weekends away, a vacation from work or longer periods if you are retired or have flexible work options and want to travel around the world to see beautiful countries.


  • Save thousands on Accommodation
  • Stay in more spacious accommodation instead of small Hotel rooms.
  • Experience caring for different animals.
  • Visit beautiful places.