What is house sitting

Home Owner

Are you going away for a holiday or business trip and want an alternative to putting your dog or cat into kennels or a cattery?

Have Pets that aren’t able go somewhere to be looked after, such as horses, chickens, sheep for example?

Maybe you just want to relax about being away and your home not sitting empty and inviting to criminals. Especially if you are lucky enough to be having an extra long trip for a number of weeks or months. Will your home insurance cover you for a vacant home for that long?

Research has also shown that increasingly, pets separated both from their owners and familiar environments can be adversely affected in numerous ways.

Having a “House Sitter” is a credible alternative to asking friends, relatives or neighbours to pop in and feed your pets, look after the house or incurring the high costs of sending your pets away.

Join Worldwide housesitters and create an advert for your needs and house sitters who are looking to visit your location will contact you to enquire about “sitting” for you.

Discuss your needs with them, maybe Skype or FaceTime to get to meet them and talk face to Face. Check out their references on their profile on the website, or request references. Ask for criminal record or police checks from their home country.

Agree the terms of the “House Sit” and confirm the arrangements.

Consider using the guideline documents on the website such as a “House Sitting agreement” and refer to the guidelines for having a house sitter stay in your home.

Go away on your trip, relaxed that your home and pets are being looked after whilst you are away.

House Sitter

Are you an animal lover and want to have amazing experiences travelling the world, whilst benefiting from free accommodation for providing love and care to a home and the home owner's animals?

Would you rather stay at a local property with all its amenities, rather than expensive hotel rooms?

House Sits can be in either your own or other countries around the world and the length of the House Sit can vary from a few days, weekends, weeks or even months. There are even some House Sits that have no pets or animals to look after. The Home Owner just wants their home looked after and secure whilst they are away.

You can use Worldwide Housesitters to arrange free accommodation when you have weekends away, a vacation from work or longer periods if you are retired or have flexible work options and want to travel around the world to see beautiful countries.

Becoming a member of Worldwide housesitters will enable you to create an eye catching “Sitter” profile. Search for house sitting opportunities around the world for varying lengths of time, from a few days to weeks or maybe months.

When you find a “House Sit” that is of interest to you, contact the ‘Home Owner” through the website and start the discussions about what the “Home Owner” would like from you in regards to pet and Home care. Maybe Skype or FaceTime to speak face to face.

Provide references and police record or criminal record checks from your home country.

Agree to the terms and dates of the “House Sit” and confirm the arrangements.

Make your travel plans and look forward to free accommodation, with the added benefit of creating bonds with amazing animals and new friends, along with saving significant expenses of hotel costs.

A Typical two week “House Sit” based on average room rates for major cities around the world could save you as much as, London - £2,000.00 New York - USD$2,800.00 Milan - Euro 3,444.00 Sydney - AUD$ 3,752.00 Toronto - CAD$3,514.00