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Perfect place to relax and visit souther ...

This is a B&B located along the beaches of the Pacific. The business will be...

OJOCHAL , Puntarenas , Costa Rica
1st Jun 19 - 30th Jun 19
more dates available
Just 6 cats to take care and feed.

Small family house at the Balaton lake

This is a 3 bed small family house at the beach of Balaton lake. We have dog ...

Balatonkenese , Veszprem megye , Hungary
19th Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
1 dog and 2 spiders

Stunning Property in The Hunter Valley N ...

We have a stunning farm just 2 hours from Sydney, 35 minutes to Mewcastle Airpor...

Duns creek , New South Wales , Australia
2nd Sep 19 - 26th Sep 19
2 small dogs, 4 cats, 5 horses

Snake house

We are offer a house sitting for someone who have previous experience with snake...

Csomor , Pest , Hungary

German Rural Retreat

We’re taking a vacation in Australia for the month of December and don&rsq...

Offenburg , Offenburg , Germany
21st Sep 19 - 25th Sep 19

Low maintenance flat

This is a low maintenance flat with 1 bedroom and a large open air kitchen-livin...

Szeged , Csongrad megye , Hungary
1 Parrot

English Country Cottage

I have an elderly cat who pretty much sleeps all day and rarely goes out now due...

Rotherby , Leicestershire , United Kingdom
2nd Dec 17 - 6th Jan 18
Missy, Female 13 year old cat

Modest apartment in the heart of Santiag ...

Modest apartment located less than ten minutes by foot to the heart of Santiago,...

Santiago , Region Metropolitana , Chile
17th Sep 19 - 28th Sep 19
One dog

Villa with pool in the Sun complete with ...

Hello, we are British ex pats living in Tunisia and need house sitters for the ...

Cap Zebib , Bizerte , Tunisia
21st Sep 19 - 14th Oct 19

Flat in Barcelona’s old town

Family flat in Barcelona’s old town with 3 cats, we are going on holiday a...

Barcelona , Catalunya , Spain
25th Jul 19 - 5th Aug 19
1 old cat and 2 young ones

Fur baby to look after

Two bedroom bungalow in Shropshire with a small fur baby to look after.

Oswestry , shropshire , United Kingdom
17th Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
Puppy baby

Trendy Townhouse

Originally from the UK, I have emigrated to the south of France to pursue a care...

Marseilles , Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur , France
11th Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
Attention Seeking Cat

Looking for a house sitter/family for a ...

We are planning a trip to SE Asia for three months from the end of October until...

Swinford , County Mayo , Ireland
30th Oct 19 - 1st Feb 20
Two big dogs and three cats

Bordeaux retreat

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful area of france and are travelling for ou...

Carcans , Bordeaux , France
25th Sep 19 - 28th Sep 19
About a dozen ducks

Great house in Ipswich close to lots of ...

Looking for a house sitter over the Christmas period to look after my four dogs....

Ipswich , Suffolk , United Kingdom
20th Dec 17 - 20th Jan 18
4 small dogs with lots of character

Christmas in the countryside!

We are going away to the states over Christmas and require a house sitter to loo...

Little Budworth , Chester , United Kingdom
24th Sep 19 - 2nd Oct 19
our timid boxer Mongo

Alpaca farm

This is our alpaca farm with 150 alpacas.

Gardony , Fejer megye , Hungary
16th Sep 19 - 26th Sep 19
150 Alpaca

Nice flat in capital of Hungary

We are going for holiday and we need someone to look after our cats and plants. ...

Budapest , Budapest , Hungary
17th Sep 19 - 27th Sep 19
2 small black cat

House Sit for Christmas and New Years

We are looking for someone who likes the calm life and all kinds of weather...

Aneby , Jönköping , Sweden
19th Dec 18 - 17th Jan 19
Three dogs, all blend.... The bigger is kind of Labrador, The m ...

2 BR Bali Villa

I'm from Tuscany Italy and live in Bali half of the year. I rent a villa in ...

Nyanyi , Bali , Indonesia
1st Jun 17 - 1st Sep 17
5 dogs 2 cats

Small home with no pets

Half an hour from the city of Bath sits our 2 bedroom home perfect for a couple ...

Farmborough , Bath , United Kingdom
13th Sep 19 - 21st Sep 19
No Pets

Various stays throughout the year

We are a retired couple who holiday a lot throughout the year at our holiday hom...

Leeds , Leeds , United Kingdom
Three lovely rabbits

Cat and Turtle care

Come and visit Cornwall. We are going away and would need someone to look after ...

Par , Cornwall , United Kingdom
23rd Sep 19 - 1st Oct 19
Turtle and Cat

French countryside retreat in Manosque

We have a picture perfect countryside property in Manosque with landscapes of fi...

Manosque , Southern France , France
23rd Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19
3 Horses

Sicily, Ragusa Area, Marina di Ragusa

Ideal family summer holiday in Sicily. Looking for a couple/family to occupy my ...

Marina di Ragusa , Sicily , Italy
17th Sep 19 - 25th Sep 19

Visit OZ

Two story house in Cornubia, which is south of Brisbane and around 20 minutes dr...

Cornubia , QLD , Australia
19th Sep 19 - 23rd Sep 19
Fish and Bird

2 bedroom apartment

I love the animals and I like to work with them. I am a dog trainer special...

Málaga , Málaga , Spain
21st Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19

Good people to sit for pet friends

We are a family with our home on the river side and are travelling for a holiday...

Barsac , Barsac , France
15th Sep 19 - 27th Sep 19
Dog & Cat

Beautiful Canal Belt apartment in Amster ...

We are going away for a holiday and need someone to look after and keep our baby...

1016 EG Amsterdam , Amsterdam , Netherlands
25th Sep 19 - 3rd Oct 19
2 x baby ferrets - Pip & Oscar

Gladstone Queensland

House sitter required in April 2017 for approx 3 weeks. Two small dogs (Jack Rus...

Gladstone , Queensland , Australia
26th Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19
2 small dogs - Jack Russell size.

Rural villa near Varna City

Dear Pet Lovers, I am looking for house and pet sitter, who will stay in my c...

Avren , Varna City , Bulgaria
1st Jan 18 - 1st Feb 18
2 Parson Russel Terriers, a girl and a boy, age 5 month and 2,5 ...

Cat in the Flat

I am preparing to travel on and off for the next year or so, this will mean I wi...

Great Torrington , Devon , United Kingdom
22nd Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19
1 Cat

Bangkok house sitter needed for our rabb ...

Hello! My name is Devan and my husband's name is Justin! We got married ...

Bang Sue , Bangkok , Thailand
19th Sep 19 - 26th Sep 19
Mowgli is a 3 year old male rabbit. He is black, 6lbs, and is ...

Sunshine State House Sit

Our family is traveling lots throughout the next couple of years so I am looking...

Orlando , FL , United States

Cat-sitting in Paradise

We are a couple in our mid-30´s looking for a cat loving person to take ca...

Playa del Carmen , Quintana Roo , Mexico
29th Sep 19 - 9th Oct 19
6 cats waiting for their Nanny

Moulin and friends

We are looking for someone to milk our goats by hand or machine but must have ex...

Pressac , Sud vienne , France
22nd Sep 19 - 27th Sep 19

Historic break In Windsor

We are looking for a house sitter to live in our hom in order to keep our old gi...

Windsor , Windsor , United Kingdom
23rd Sep 19 - 28th Sep 19
Loving 9 year old boxer Darcy

House Sit in Sydney

Come and have a holiday in Sydney. My place is in the Inner West area of Balmain...

Balmain , NSW , Australia
15th Sep 19 - 21st Sep 19
Snake and spider

2 bed house in Gibraltar

I offer a house sitting someone who have previous house sitting experience and w...

Gib , Gib , Gibraltar
18th Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19

Houston Family Home

We are travelling to family in Florida for a holiday and rather than having to p...

Houston , Texas , United States
21st Sep 19 - 2nd Oct 19
Large energetic dog

Short term house sit in Chamberi Madrid

We live in a great apartment in the madrid neighborhood of Chamberi with our two...

Madrid , España , Spain
3rd Aug 18 - 5th Aug 18
Two 13 year old whippets. No medication required to be given, p ...

Homestead stay

Experience handling horses neeeded for this house sit. We have two horses, one m...

Boulder , Colorado , United States
16th Sep 19 - 25th Sep 19
Two Horses and a Cat

4 Bed home on 1 & 1/4 acre with 1 dog & ...

We are a family of 4 living on 1 & 1/4 acres just 10'mins drive to the n...

Failford , NSW , Australia
1 mini Groodle & 1 Persian

No Animals to care for

Come and stay in Ryde without having any pets to look after. We are going int...

Ryde , NSW , Australia
16th Sep 19 - 21st Sep 19

Indoor pets need care

My Partner and I are going travelling and need someone to live in our modern apa...

Mandurah , WA , Australia
15th Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19
Caged pets

Come and house sit in France

We are having a trip away and would like someone to look after our home while we...

Nantes , Nantes , France
18th Sep 19 - 25th Sep 19

Cambridge UK

We're taking time off to house sit in a few locations around the world and w...

Cambridge , Cambridgeshire , United Kingdom
16th Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
Gerald The Dalmatian

3 shy cats and a few ducks

I am looking for a family of 4 people to care for my home and my pets while I am...

Wehrheim , Frankfurt , Germany
16th Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19
3 cats and 4 ducks

House sit in a spacious rural home

We are based outside the city of Kansas City in the USA and are looking for a co...

Lawrence , Kansas , United States
12th Sep 19 - 21st Sep 19
Loving Dog

City Centre long weekend

Hello. I am away for a vacation and would offer my flat to someone to sit for me...

San Roque , Seville , Spain
19th Sep 19 - 23rd Sep 19
Maybe a cat

San Francisco

I’m Toby, I’m a single guy living in the heard of San Franciso and a...

San Franciso , San Franciso , United States
12th Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19

Sunny getaway in Australia

We live in the sunny gold coast of Australia, we are fortunate enough to already...

Beaudesert , Queensland , Australia
9th Sep 19 - 23rd Sep 19

Two great dogs to walk and look after

Historic York has lots of great places to visit and see. Why not combine spendin...

York , Yorkshire , United Kingdom
21st Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
Two four year old Labradors.

Small dog to look after

Traditional Boston Brownstone in the heart of the city with our beautiful baby b...

Boston , MA , United States
26th Sep 19 - 1st Oct 19
British Bulldog

Visit Washington D.C

We are visiting family and require a house sitter to come and occupy our family ...

Benning Ridge , Washington D.C , United States
14th Sep 19 - 21st Sep 19

Apartment sit in Frankfurt

Apartment Pet sit in the centre of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt , Frankfurt , Germany
20th Sep 19 - 2nd Oct 19

Rural Austrian Home

Rural family home available. Gosau is an absolutely beautful area round 1 Hr fro...

Gosau , Salzburg , Austria
19th Sep 19 - 30th Sep 19

Small German Farm

I have a small German farm that I need somebody to house sit whilst I take a lva...

Schulenberg im Oberharz , Oberharz , Germany
17th Sep 19 - 26th Sep 19

Beautiful house with garden close to the ...

Hello, we are looking for someone who can look after our house, our dog, cat and...

Nantes , Loire Atlantique , France
10th Aug 18 - 19th Aug 18
An English cocker spaniel, 12.5years, A young cat 2years old

Two lively dogs

Newcastle is around 2.3 Hrs north of Sydney and is a town that has been overlook...

Newcastle , NSW , Australia
Two dog brothers

Elderly Cat needs caring for in my over ...

I am off to visit my Daughter for a few weeks in the Autumn and need someone to ...

Tamworth , England , United Kingdom
16th Sep 19 - 23rd Sep 19
Haribo is an elderly female cat that doesn't need too much atte ...

Annual holiday break

Taking the family away for a holiday in France during and woud like someone to c...

Tunbridge Wells , Royal Tunbridge Wells , United Kingdom
22nd Sep 19 - 28th Sep 19
Dog & Tortoise

Spend Christmas and New Years in Taipei

Fully furnished rooftop studio apartment with elevator and security guard beauti...

Taipei , Taipei , Taiwan, Province of China
1 dog to watch

3 bedroom house in Maidstone

I am traveling lots because of my businesses in the UK and overseas.

Maidstone , Kent , United Kingdom

Small cottage in Algarve

Looking for someone to occupy the house, water plants when needed, if some maint...

Santa Barbara de Nexe , Portugal , Portugal
15th Sep 19 - 26th Sep 19

Eight Nights Sit in Liverpool

We live South East of Liverpool not far from the Mersey and John Lennon Airport,...

Tarbock , Liverpool , United Kingdom
22nd Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19
Lovely Dog - Harvey

3 Bedroom House in rural England

We are taking our family on a European holiday this summer and would like someon...

Flaxton , Yorkshire , United Kingdom
23rd Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
Koi Carp

Short house sit in beautiful Devon cotta ...

We are going away for a short break and need someone to look after and keep our ...

Ashwater , Devon , United Kingdom
17th Sep 19 - 24th Sep 19
House bunny - Penny

Hot Christmas and New Years in the Cayma ...

We are looking for a single / couple that enjoy the company of dogs to house/pet...

George Town , Cayman Islands , Cayman Islands
19th Dec 17 - 6th Jan 18
2 small dogs

Quiet chalet in rural Valencia

We are Gary and Beatrice, a retired teaching couple living in Valencia, Spain. O...

Lliria , Valencia , Spain
20th Sep 19 - 27th Sep 19
Shaggy the dog, Betty and Charlie the cats and 3 chickens (Miss ...

Small nice bungallow

I have started the photography 6 years ago, and it’s become my life immedi...

London , Bexleyheath , United Kingdom

Spanish home in Madrid

We’re going on an extended vacation so we are looking for somebody to look...

Madrid , Madrid , Spain
22nd Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19
Two amazing dogs.

House & Pet Sitter Needed in Austin area

Feed our 3 dogs & cat daily, make sure they have fresh water, and let the do...

Round Rock , Texas , United States
26th Jul 17 - 4th Aug 17
3 Dogs, 1 Cat

Spa Town House

We live in the beautiful Spa town of Bad Salzuflen in Germany. The town is full ...

Bad Salzuflen , Germany , Germany
11th Sep 19 - 21st Sep 19

True Italian Flat

Come visit Florence and live in the heart of the City, whilst looking after our ...

Firenze , Florence , Italy
22nd Sep 19 - 23rd Sep 19
House Cat

Southern Bulgaria Ski home

My home is set amongst Norway spruce forests and is primarily visited during the...

Pamporovo , Bulgaria , Bulgaria
18th Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19

House sit in the sunshine state

House sit available in Orlando, Florida. Ideally located 4 miles from the gates...

Kissimmee , Florida , United States
20th Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19
Outdoor bunny

House and Pet Sitter Required Central It ...

We are looking for house/pet sitters for between 10-14 days end of September/beg...

Penna San Giovanni , Le Marche , Italy
27th Sep 19 - 11th Oct 19

Guinea pigs to look after in Santa Fe

We live in a Spanish style home in the sunny state of New Mexico. We are a famil...

Santa Fe , New Mexico , United States
20th Sep 19 - 23rd Sep 19

House sit needed for cat lovers only

My cat is not needy. But needs to be fed 3x a day. She's an independent, 15 ...

Kuala Lumpur , Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Peace and Tranquility in the heart of ru ...

Beautiful house with separate Gite, in an acre of woodland garden, we have three...

La Serre Bussiere Vieille , La Creuse , France
28th Sep 17 - 15th Oct 17
Three dogs, two medium sized and one small, two cats, numerous ...

CoCo Bongo Penthouse in Bahia de Caraque ...

My name is Sean Carter and I'm looking for a responible pet lover. I want to...

Bahia de Caraquez , Manabi , Ecuador
6 year old black lab. Very low maintenance, just needs some hug ...

Texas House Sit

We are looking for somebody to house sit our amazing home in Texas. We have a ca...

Fort Worth , TX , United States
25th Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19

Yorkshire house sit available

We’ve got a holiday planned abroad and need somebody to come and watch our...

Yorkshire , Yorkshire , United Kingdom
20th Sep 19 - 29th Sep 19

One bedroom house on the Mopan River

I am a single woman living in the small village of Bullet Tree Falls. Been livin...

Bullet Tree , Cayo , Belize
20th Jul 19 - 3rd Sep 19
I have 4 dogs. 1 German Shepherd that is 1.5 yrs old. 1 Border ...

Family break

We don't get away much due to the pets, but we have arranged a house sit for...

Whitleigh , Plymouth , United Kingdom
22nd Sep 19 - 22nd Sep 19
Tilly the Cat

Care for our pets while you explore our ...

Looking for someone who enjoys caring for our cats and critters while having a c...

Columbus , OH , United States
6th Apr 19 - 7th Apr 19
more dates available
4 guinea pigs located in two different dens, one mouse located ...