house sitters frequently asked questions

Why be a house Sitter?

If you are an animal lover who likes to travel and would be willing to share your time looking after someone's Pet(s) and Home or in some cases, just the home, in return for free accommodation, then being a House Sitter is a great way to explore new places, whilst saving thousands in accommodation costs.

Whether you are planning a holiday or you may be retired and want to see all the places you have always been waiting for the time to be able to see, but want to avoid the costs of accommodation on the way.

Do you like the thought of not being restricted to a hotel bedroom, but having the space and comfort of a home to relax in whilst on your travels.

Find accommodation options in places that hotels aren't readily available and live like a local.

Have a look through the types of House Sits available on the website to see if they suit your travel dates and desired location, the rest is simple.

How do I find a suitable House Sit?

At Worldwide House Sitters, we are building a membership of Home Owners who are wanting to use a House Sitter to look after their Pet(s) and home whilst they are away. The length of the House Sit can be a few days to several months.

A good start is to produce an eye catching profile on the website which will capture the attention of Home Owners looking for a Sitter. Provide as much information about yourself and why you would make a good house sitter. Take a look at our "Advice for House Sitters" link on the website for further guidance.

Share photos of you interacting with different animals and ideally upload a youtube video introducing yourself and why you love the idea of House Sitting.

Use the Search facility on the "Find a House Sit" page of the website to see the ones that are available in the locations you would like to visit and the date you want to travel. The more flexible you can be on dates and locations, the more likely you are to find a great House Sit. You might just end up visiting places you had never thought of going to.

How can I reassure the Home Owner if I'm new to House Sitting?

The more information you can provide on your profile, the more comfortable the Home Owner will feel. If you can obtain a local Police / Criminal Record check to show you have a clear history, this will enhance your profile.

Offer to provide references from friends and or Employers who know you well and can support your application for a House Sit. Offer to provide copies of your Passport and or Driving licence to support your profile.

Share experiences that you have looking after animals, either your own, family, friends or neighbours in the past. Show an understanding of the type of concerns a Home Owner may have and provide solutions to over come them, such as offering to send photos regularly of the pet(s) whilst the Home Owner is away. Maybe offer to Skype or FaceTime them too, so they can see that all is well.

What do I need to do about insurance for the House Sit?

It is advisable to check with the Home Owner that they have communicated with their Home Insurance Policy provider that they are aware that a House Sitter is coming to look after the house in their absence. This should be sufficient and it is advisable to ensure the Home Owner has provided you with the insurance policy details in the event of an emergency if the home owner cannot be contacted.

With regard to your own protection, if you are travelling outside of your home country, it is prudent to ensure that you have sufficient travel insurance to cover the duration of your travels, covering all relevant aspects of the planned activities you intend to undertake whilst travelling. There are many travel insurance providers and it is recommended that you discuss your specific needs on a one to one basis. Please be aware of the length of your travels and understand if there are any "maximum trip lengths" that you need to be aware of under the terms of the policy, especially if you are intending to undertake a longer House Sit. You may also need to consider obtaining a tourist visa for the country you are visiting and consider the maximum period you are allowed to stay for in any one trip.

Do House Sitters get paid to Sit?

Due to the Win-Win situation, the majority of House Sitters are happy to House Sit for free in exchange for looking after the home owner's pet(s) and property, whilst enjoying free accommodation. This is one of the details that is important to clarify with the Home Owner prior to confirming the arrangements if you are wishing to be reimbursed for your time, so there are no misunderstandings. It is generally understood by Home Owner that House Sitters who join Worldwide House Sitters are offering to sit for free, unless they specifically mention otherwise in their profile description.

Will I be liable for utilities, TV and Internet usage?

As you are House sitting for free and sharing the Win-Win benefits, unless the House Sit you are undertaking is for an extended period, such as a number of Months for example, it is generally expected by the Home Owner that you wouldn't be expected to contribute to any costs, except your own food, drink and consumables.

For some Home Owners, this maybe a concern due to the risk of experiencing high costs for TV network providers and watching pay-for view programmes or if they have a limited internet package that incurs costs after set data volumes being used, as examples. It is recommended that the Home Owner should highlight this in their Profile and both parties have an open discussion during the preparation stage to clarify any specific terms and costs that the Home Owner wants you to pay or be liable for if pre-agreed limits are exceeded.

Open discussions and clarity on any terms are the best method to avoid any misunderstandings after the event.

Can I be a Home Owner and use House Sitters too?

Your membership with WorldWide House Sitters is not restricted as just a House Sitter. You are able to create a Home Owner profile too and enjoy the benefits of using a House Sitter yourself.

Maybe you will use a House Sitter in the future who you House Sat for?