Canine Partners

Worldwide Housesitters have committed to contribute 5% of all membership fees to charity. We have chosen to support Canine Partners because of the amazing work they do with dogs to enable them to be partnered with someone less fortunate than ourselves, to help transform their lives and help undertake day to day tasks we often take for granted. Worldwide Housesitters are aiming to raise sufficient funds to be able to sponsor and name a puppy that will be trained and developed to help change someone's life in an amazing way.

Canine Partners is a registered charity that transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs. These amazing dogs bring a greater independence and quality of life to their partners, offering security, companionship, and practical help with everyday household tasks. These life-changing dogs also provide psychological and social benefits including increased independence, confidence, social interaction and self-esteem.

Canine Partners receive no government funding and rely solely on donations from the public and legacies to help them continue their life-transforming work.

Worldwide Housesitter Founder Tracey wanted to do something unique for her upcoming 50th Birthday. She felt that she wanted to “give back” in some way rather than receive presents herself.

Through a combination of requesting donations as an alternative to birthday gifts and local fund raising activities, Tracey was able to raise the £5,000 needed to be able to sponsor and name a puppy. This covers the costs for supporting and training a puppy during its first 18-24 months, up to when the fully developed dog has its final tailored training to match the needs of the individual it will be partnered with.

Here's Tracey and her sponsored puppy "Bowsie" when she was just a small puppy and at her very first training session.

The puppies live with puppy parents during their training stages to help them get used to interacting with people and they are trained and developed through a combination of regular local classes with other Canine Partner puppies and they also spend some time at one of the charity’s two training centres. The puppy parents are volunteers who give their time and love for free.

Tracey kept in touch with Bowsie’s puppy parents and travelled to see her at some of her local training classes as she grew into a beautiful fully grown dog.

"It was amazing to see Bowsie grow both in size and ability, hoping that she would be successful in passing all her tests, so she could go on to help transform someone’s life, as not all puppies progress all the way through the training for various reasons."

After around 18 months, Tracey received the fantastic news that Bowsie had passed with flying colours and had been chosen to be partnered with a lady called Trish who had been fortunate to have experienced the benefit of a Canine Partners Assistance dog for a number of years, but her dog was due to retire and Trish would have lost the help and support she needs with many day to day tasks.

In the summer of 2015, Tracey visited Canine Partners headquarters and met Trish, along with seeing Bowsie again and was so pleased so see how the two had become such a great partnership. Trish is an amazing lady dealing with the challenges she has, but with Bowsie’s day to day help, she can live independently and safely at home, as without having the chance to have a dog like Bowsie, life would be very different for her.

By joining Worldwide Housesitters, not only will you be enjoying the benefits of the House Sitting experience, but you will be helping us, help Canine Partners, by contributing to the sponsoring of more puppies like Bowsie who will be transforming lives for others less fortunate than us.

Thanks for taking the time to ready Tracey and Bowsie’s story and we will be keeping everyone updated on the successes we have with sponsoring more puppies and helping Canine Partners through the website and our Facebook and other social media pages.