Tips for home owners that start hosting

Posted in Pet Care 1 year ago

We wrote in our previous blogs a lot about how to write the winning application as a house sitter and also how to prepare yourself for your first house sit. In today's blog we would like to pay a bit more attention to the home owners: how should you prepare your house for a house sitter and what are the things to take care of before you go on your holiday?

Ask yourself some questions

To create a comprehensive ad for your place and animals, it is important to think about what kind of house sitter you would like to host. What kind of pet do you have? What does your pet need and what kind of person would be the best match? Next to your pet it is important to think about your neighbourhood and community. Does the house sitter need to have specific characteristics to fit into the community? Is there a lot of contact needed between the house sitter and the neighbours? The more clear you are about those kinds of things, the faster you will find your perfect house sitter. Create clear expectations and be honest in your writing.

Essential responsibilities

Clean and safe

As a home owner you have to make sure your pet and your house sitter can have a good time. For starters, it is important that you can provide a safe and clean environment. Your house sitter should feel comfortable in their new environment and changes are bigger when you leave your house when it is clean, that way it will be the same way when you return home. 


Let the house sitter know when and how you will be available for communication. Sometimes when you are travelling it might be hard to be very specific about it, but your house sitter needs to be able to contact you in case of emergencies.

Book of the house (and your pet)

Ever slept in an Airbnb or someone else's place and found a little booklet with instructions on how things in the house work? YES, we know, how cool is that? Not only does it make you feel at home in a strange place, but also it provides the house sitter with information about how to take care of the house and your pet. 

Money money money

It would be cool if the sitter is never out of pocket. So make sure you buy enough food for your animals for the duration of the sit and leave some money in case your animal needs treatment at the vet. Another option would be to notify your vet about your holiday and to make sure there are funds available when something might happen.

Last but not least we recommend you to read our home owner FAQ so you will be fully prepared. We hope you will find your perfect house sitter soon!