Summer days in Austria 

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Recently we travelled to the beautiful country of Austria. We spent a few days in Raurisertal, a beautiful nature reserve in Salzburgerland. This region is the largest municipality of Salzburgerland and consists of immense mountains, ice-cold lakes and is located 90 kilometers from the city of Salzburg. Raurisertal has 5 large valleys, each with its own charm. Raurisertal is known as the golden valley of the Alps because the region used to be filled with gold and many gold diggers. In this blog our three best summer activities in Raurisertal.

Drive the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Attention road trip fans! if you are in the Raurisertal with your car, then a ride on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road should not be missed. The road runs through green Alpine landscapes, colorful flower fields, passes sharp rocks, high mountains and ends at the foot of a glacier. Along the way at the Edelweiss viewpoint you have an unparalleled view of the mountains and from the start in Fusch to the end in Heiligenblut you crawl up bit by bit until you suddenly enjoy the cold at an altitude of more than 2300 meters surroundings. This last lookout point, the Franz-Jozef at 2369 meters, is one that you can certainly spend at least half an hour. Even longer, when you have time. Sitting in the grass with on the left the Grossglockner mountain, in the middle a large glacier lake and on the right the glacier you will not be bored for a second. Also make sure you take a few breaks along the way to watch marmots crawl out of the ground, watch eagles roam the mountain valley and have the chance to breathe in the fresh mountain air. This alpine route has no fewer than 36 hairpin bends, is an absolute gem in Salzburgerland and should certainly not be missing in the list of best summer activities in Raurisertal!

Hiking in Kolm Saigurn

Kolm Saigurn is a valley in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Raurisertal where countless breathtaking walks can be made. Here you will also find the Waterfall Roundway: a two-hour walk that leads you past five crushing waterfalls. It is a fairly easy track and on the way you greet your horses, enjoy the green alpine meadows and smell the wonderful scent of the colourful mountain flowers. Every walk here is an experience in itself if you enjoy spectacular views and snow-capped peaks.

In addition to the Waterfall Way, you will find a number of other special walks, of which the Tauerngold Rundwanderweg is also one. During this walk you imagine yourself in the footsteps of the former gold diggers in this area and you pass old houses where they used to live. When you choose to walk the Blumenwanderweg you learn a lot about all kinds of flowers, plants and herbs that can be found along this road. There is something for everyone.

In the summer, hikers, climbers and nature lovers enjoy the calm and tranquility that this area radiates and we also feel completely at home here.

Breathe in the fresh air of the Virgin Forest

Forests are one of our big favourites. Rauris Virgin Forest is just like a candy store for nature lovers and it feels like I have ended up in a fairy tale. Fields full of moss, swaying tops of spruce trees as high as you can see, the reflection of your face in the naturally formed lakes. This age-old forest can be found in the Kolm Saigum valley. It is a popular destination in the Raurisertal area.

The forest got its name because it has existed for years without any interference from humanity. The forest is as it wants to be and human hands have not demolished, cut down or laid out anything here. This is a true miracle for the forests in Europe and it feels special to wander around here.

In the forest there are more than 80 lakes with reflections as clear as your mirror at home. The forest is so green and lush with fallen trees that once again become one with the earth and become a paradise for mushrooms and other small animals. A walk through this forest takes about two hours and can take place in both summer and winter. When ever you go: you cannot skip this part of Europe's natural heritage when you are in Raurisertal.

These were our three best summer activities in Raurisertal. What is your favourite destination in Austria?