8 tips for an unforgettable time in Vietnam

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Vietnam. The land of the beautiful beaches, the authentic villages, the most special rice fields, the sand dunes and the grand mountains. In this blog you can read our 8 tips for an unforgettable time in Vietnam.

1 motor trip

On the first place: a motorbike ride through Vietnam. Preferably as long as possible. On every street corner in Vietnam you will find males who would like to take you on an "Easy Rider" tour. Find someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to go on the road for at least 3 days and be transported to the inlands of Vietnam. Drive the Ho Chi Minh route towards the border with Laos through winding roads through villages where you can experience the real Vietnamese life, past thundering waterfalls and through the greenest landscapes. The wind through your hair, a constant smile on your face, the feeling of freedom when you race past the immense mountains..it is perfect!

2 Mui Ne

White sand dunes that change to red sand dunes. Kite surfers who are in sync with the waves. Beautiful eateries on the beach and the magical Fairy Stream. Along this babbling brook you walk past limestone rocks: changing from red to white and all the colors in between. It is like a miniature version of the Grand Canyon, accessible by following a path through tall, green grass, stray chickens and here and there a friendly local from the neighborhood who will help you in the right direction. The shape of the rocks creates many cozy corners, which would be a perfect hiding place for angels and from which the Fairy Stream has retained its name.

3 Hoi An

Cute Hoi An. Every month during the full moon, the Laten Festival takes place here where the village lights up through thousands of colored lanterns. In Hoi An you will find interesting Asian architecture where you can discover new elements every time during your daily walk. Half an hour by bike from Hoi An you will find Cua Dai Beach, a lovely beach when you need some sun on your lazy body. Hoi An is where I learned to cook Asian, visited an oriental food market and where other tourists had dresses and suits measured. I spent my favorite moments of the day in one of the cafes on the river, sitting with a book or gazing over the water.

4 Nimh Binh

One of the most surprising places where I left my footprints was the enchanting Nimh Binh. It almost made me forget Halong Bay ... Nimh Binh is located in the Tam Coc area, a rural area about four hours from Hanoi and is also called "Halong Bay on land". The same kind of mountains, but in an incredibly green area instead of on the water. In the authentic sampan boats you float the Tam Coc river, visit the temples and the dark caves. While cycling you enjoy all the greenery around you, chat with the locals or relax in your hammock during your homestay.

5. War Remnants Museum

During the journey you will notice that: terrible things have happened here. The history of Vietnam is a fierce one. This museum focuses on the role of the Americans in the Vietnam war. Here you will find fetuses on strong water that were affected by Agent Orange. These chemicals were used by the Americans to destroy forests so that the Vietnamese could not hide. Many Vietnamese have sustained permanent damage to this. A very impressive piece of Vietnam that cannot be skipped.

6 Trekking Sapa

For a completely different part of Vietnam, visit the Sapa area in the north of the country. Rice fields as far as you can see, often covered in a mysterious fog. Put on your boots and do a hike over the muddy mountains and rice fields, spend the night in a homestay. Quite an experience!  


7. Eat Banh xeo

As many and as often as possible. The Banh Xeo is a kind of irresistible pancake. Whatever you order in Vietnam, you will rarely be disappointed. Special dishes, fine herbs and the well-known pho soups make Vietnam a pleasant country to try and taste new things!

8 Dalat

A town high in the mountains in the south of Vietnam. Here you can easily rent a scooter to view the mountainous surroundings, blue lakes and waterfalls. Sing karaoke in a bar, visit the bizarre Crazy House (food for architects) and browse the local markets. Dalat is a nice stop for a night or two.


Those were our 8 tips for an unforgettable time in Vietnam. Have you ever been here?