Worldwide Housesitters wanted to highlight a few areas to consider when undertaking a House Sit, especially if this is your first time looking to be a House Sitter, as we want to help it be a positive experience for you and for the pet(s) you will be looking after. Further advice and guidance can be found in the “Help & Advice” section at the bottom of the website, by clicking on the relevant link.

Share your plans for the time you are there with the Home Owner

When you are discussing undertaking a House Sit with an Owner, it’s good to share your thoughts on your plans whilst being there. If you are not local to the area you will be sitting and hope to be out and about exploring the local area, but the pet(s) needing looking after are used to someone being at home most of the time, this may not be an ideal sit for you or them. If the Home Owner hasn’t highlighted this in their profile, it’s worth asking if there are any special considerations regarding this type of subject.

Make the most of your House Sit

It's great if you can bond with the pet(s) you will be looking after and create new friendships along the way. In your plans for the House Sit, try to be able to spend time getting to know the pet(s) and their routines in the first few days, so that you can create a bond to help them feel relaxed and comfortable around you. This will help you be more relaxed and get the most out of the experience.

Keeping the Home Owner informed

Depending on the length of the House Sit and where the Home Owner is travelling, it would be good to keep them informed on how things are back home. Emailing photos of the pet(s) looking happy and relaxed is a great way of doing this. Having a Skype, FaceTime or similar type of application conversation is again great for reassuring the Home Owner all is good.

On longer House Sits, there maybe situations that occur that you need to communicate to the Home Owner, such as appliance failures, water leaks or general household repairs. Again, emailing photos and details is helpful and agree plans on how these situations are handled before the House Sit starts.