Worldwide Housesitters wanted to highlight a few areas to consider when arranging a House Sit, especially if this is your first time considering using a House Sitter, as we want to help it be a positive experience for you and your pet(s). Further advice and guidance can be found in the “Help & Advice” section at the bottom of the website, by clicking on the relevant link.

Communication with the House Sitter before and during the House Sit

To help the House Sitting experience go smoothly for all involved, especially for your pet(s), invest the time to communicate with the House Sitter(s) you are considering using, to understand how your needs and those of your pet(s) match what the House Sitter is able to do for you and what experience they may have. Use options such as Skype, FaceTime or similar applications to get to speak face to face and build up an understanding of your expectations, so everyone involved has the same understanding.

Special needs of your pet(s)

If your pet(s) have any special medical, dietary or health needs that will need to be handled by the House Sitter whilst you are away, it’s important to mention these in your Home Owner Profile and highlight them in the “Four Key Responsibilities” section of your profile. This will help ensure that any House Sitter considering applying for your sit, will be aware of them and be prepared to undertake those needs when they are on the house sit. This may be aspects such as giving medication, cooking specific food, Special handling of the pet(s) or just an awareness of a condition that may re-develop whilst you are away. Providing full details of your regular vet and having an account set up is recommended in the event assistance is needed.

Preparing for the House Sitter's arrival

Once your have made all the plans and agreed on the House Sitter coming to look after your pet(s) and or home, consider that they may not be familiar with all the appliances in your home and think about putting together an information folder, containing instruction booklets or your own prepared instructions for anything that the House Sitter may need to use whilst staying in your home. Think about making space available in a wardrobe and drawers for clothes, especially if the House Sit is for a longer period. This will help the House Sitter settle in and relax quicker and therefore have more time in the early stages of the sit to get to know your pet(s) and therefore make them more relaxed.