about worldwide house sitters

Worldwide Housesitters was created whilst we were traveling and exploring the world. We want to enable both home owners and house sitters to enjoy the many benefits of House Sitting.

We wanted to create a fresh, user friendly platform for home owner and house sitters to be able to find one another to help create a mutually beneficial arrangement.

To give home owners peace of mind, that whilst they are away, their home and pet(s) are being cared for and their animals can be anxiety free.

Enabling house sitters to have free accommodation, whilst enjoying their adventures around the world

our journey so far

In the past two years prior to launching Worldwide Housesitters, we have travelled over 140,000 miles, visiting and experiencing different cultures around the world. We have visited many beautiful countries along the way and formed amazing friendships with people we have met during our travels

As an animal loving couple, who also like to travel, we wanted to find an alternative option to have the interaction with Pets, whilst visiting different places

Why we wanted to create Worldwide Housesitters

Whilst House Sitting in Sydney for Barney and Molly, we started to explore the market for house sitting and believed that we could help more people become aware of House Sitting and enjoy the benefits that we were.

What we bring to the website

We bring our passion and love for animals, along with our experiences of travel. In addition to that, having previously owned a property management business for 11 years, we understand many aspects of helping two parties create a mutually beneficial arrangement

Cookie became the inspiration behind the video, whilst we were house sitting looking after him and his family in the UK, due to his amazing personality and character.

Having travelled extensively as well as visiting Australia five times in four years, we have undertaken six house sits there and created loving bonds with the animals we have cared for and made amazing friends along the way.

our experience

As previous business owners, we understand the need of working with the right people. From the first idea of creating Worldwide Housesitters, we have surrounded ourselves with key partners who have helped us design the website and content, along with ongoing support with marketing to raise the awareness of House Sitting and the benefits it gives all involved.

Still enjoying House Sitting

Whilst developing and creating Worldwide Housesitters, we continued to experience the amazing benefits of house sitting and were able to provide care and security to a number of homes and lovely animals.

The journey continues as we hope to help many people and animals have relaxing stress free experiences of the benefits of house sitting around the world.

We worked with 1PCS who say ... Web Design is our passion, it is fair to say a lot of love and care from each member of the team has been put into hand crafting so we truly hope you love the website as much as we do!

Worldwide Housesitters

let us show you more

Cookie here again, if you watch my video on the left, you will get to see how I was able to stay at home with the rest of my family whilst Mum and Dad went away on a well deserved holiday. This was brilliant for me as I get anxious if I have to leave my familiar home and get separated from my brothers and sisters.

  • Pet(s) stay happy at home, in their own beds
  • Enjoy peace of mind and save thousands in costs
  • Sits from a weekend to a year - globally
  • Be treated like a local and enjoy a home